Professor G.TUNGALAG, PhD

Founder & Principal, URLAKH ERDEM - Fashion Design Institute (URLAKH ERDEM FDI)

On 17 November 1993, we received degree teaching status from the Ministry of Education. 

"URLAKH ERDEM" means "ART DESIGN KNOWLEDGE". Our Institute have become synonymous with these three terminologies in Mongolia.

We are proud to have taught fashion design and complimentary subjects to thousands of students for over 20 years. Working closely with students we guide them towards their career goals onto the career ladder. We provide graduates strong, practical knowledge of the industry, and skills in design and production. Many graduates have established successful careers in the industry.

The Institute's GT DESIGN STUDIO produces custom-made tailoring. Our clients include well-known Mongolian celebrities and Ministers of State.

Our next step is to collaborate with colleges, universities and creative enterprises throughout the world to keep ourselves at the forefront of new design methodologies. 

We continue to support talents of the future and look ahead to seeing some fascinating new collections and creations.