• Entry requirements for prospective students are listed below:
    • To have at least secondary school education
    • To have more than 400 ponts in one of main exams

  • Admissions tests
    • Admissions tests will be taken on abilities in Drawing (black & white) and Product Design
    • Admissions tests contents will be at Secondary education level.
    • Applicants are advised to have knowledge and enthusiasm for chosen subject area. It is also important being informed and familiar with URLAKH ERDEM FDI's mission, achievements and tradition.

  • We offer the following financial support to prospective students:
    • Who has an invitation to study at URLAKH ERDEM FDI
    • Studied previously other courses at URLAKH ERDEM FDI
    • Participated successfully at professional level competitions
    • Self-employed in manufacturing sector and those who sent by their employers for further studies

  • Application documents
    • ID card
    • Education certificate
    • A passport size photo, 2 copies
    • Registration fee 5000 tugrug
    • Admissions tests fee 5000 tugrug
  • Date and contact details
    • Every year URLAKH ERDEM FDI takes:
      • Online registration:  1 - 6 July
      • Admissions tests BA Fashion: from 10am, 7 July
      • Admissions tests MA Fashion: from 10am, 8 July

      TEL:       + (976) 99062242, 99072242, 99112242

      EMAIL:     contact@urlakherdemdesign.com