International network - our plans to collaborate with other universities

URLAKH ERDEM FDI is recognised as the premier fashion design institute in Mongolia and we are now looking to develop international links with a network of universities around the world.

We are planning a series of projects including exchange programmes, workshops, teaching tools and knowledge sharing events with prospective international partners.

Why collaborate with us

We are a professional, friendly Institute with a wide range of skills and commercial experience to offer. Many of our staff and students are fluent in English and Russian besides Mongolian. Our top designers have participated successfully in international competitions and have showcased at catwalks abroad. Our creations were shown on Fashion TV channel.

Geographically, Mongolia is located between China and Russia, where Asia meets Europe. But our fashion and design sense is unique - from traditional costumes and 'ger' (housing) to modern gowns and contemporary architecture. We are renowned for leather goods including footwear and cashmere. Bespoke tailoring is a growth market for us. 

We also offer collaborators inspiration from our culture and way of life. Exchange students will be based at our dedicated Institute in an expanding modern capital city. Students will have opportunities to explore the beautiful scenery and vast open spaces our country offers. Did you know that in Mongolia there are 12 horses to every person!

We look forward to hearing from you.

How to get in touch

You can contact us here:  or go to CONTACT US page